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I messed up…

I never thought I would be the kind of person to lose their passport but… I messed up!

A month ago, sitting in the comfort of my home back in oh-so-cold-Canada, I thought going from villa to villa in different cities seemed like a great way to see Bali. Airbnb even made it extremely easy for us to do so but…
Yesterday, as I was sitting by the pool in villa #4, it all didn’t seem so great anymore! You see, when the owners asked us to fill up a little information sheet that required our passport number I suddenly realized I didn’t know where my passport was…
Beginner move! I. Messed. Up.

I wish I had a picture of our room 5 minutes after we checked in; It was a mess! I emptied both my suit cases on the floor and turned everything up side down at least 3 times before I ALMOST broke down crying (but I didn’t). At that point, I jumped online to figure out where the nearest Canadian Embassy was. Surprise; There isn’t one in Bali! Right there and then, I could’ve cried (but I didn’t)(but I wanted to). There was no way I would jump on a plane to Jakarta with no passport to go get a new passport, no way! Home had never felt so far away. I was scared and disappointed and scared some more…

More About Me: I have always been someone very responsible and organized. I dont forget important things like a freakin passport and I think about every single little detail before doing almost anything (definitely before and while traveling)!

It’s me I was disappointed in. Me, myself and I. My fault.

I gathered whatever important stuff I had left and made my way across town. I am certain nobody here had ever seen someone so lost walk like they knew exactly where they were going. I had music blaring through my ears in order to keep me from breaking down into tears and I stopped at every single place we had ever been to. There was no way villa #3 was ready for my surprise visit…

Finally (because you couldnt possibly think I am dumb enough to actually lose my passport even thoug I did), as I was walking up to our previous villa I remembered exactly where I had put my passport. You see, there was no safe in that room so I hid it. I hid it so good I forgot it there. I hid it so good even the maid didn’t find it.

***More About Me column rectification:
Turns out, I am too responsible! If that’s even a thing…

The walk back to villa #4 was great; Canggu is a very beautiful city when you’re not stressed! I’m glad everything turned out right though, it could’ve been SO much worse…
You will be able to read all about our time here in a few days! There was so much to see and do!

I’ll keep you updated,
Fred. Xx.

Ps: I will now sleep holding my passport in my arms until I get home!
PPS: If you click on the word Airbnb, you will be lead to a page where you can get a 50$ credit on your next trip with them! No need to thank me 😉

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Excuse my jet lag

It’s been a week, I know!
In my defence, we took so many flights to get to Bali that we’ve only been here for 5 days…
Ok, 5 days is long enough to write a simple blog post but Ive been SO jet lag! It’s like nothing I have ever experienced before and I have traveled a lot in the past…
This will be one hell of a blog post though, I promise!
Buckle up because this is the story of our first week in Bali along with some favourites of mine in case you ever visit Seminyak! I even threw in a few amazing pictures in case it wasn’t in your plans, maybe now it will be.

Let’s start with all these flights I was telling you about…
We left Montreal on February 21 at 5:00 am to fly to Vancouver (5h) from where we flew to Hong Kong (12h). This would normally already be the kind of too long journey you wine about (and need wine to get through) but… From Hong Kong, we jumped on a flight to Singapore (5h) to then FINALLY make our way to Bali (3h). That’s almost 48hrs on the move… It was TERRIBLE!

Needless to say we were tired! Exhausted even!
Thank god for Airbnbs; our room was ready as soon as we got there and we were able to enjoy staying by the pool all day! That night, we got some food delivered to our hotel and went to bed at 7 o’clock, it was all we could do! I had never eaten dinner so early in my life… Welcome to Bali I guess!

Morning came way too fast! I’m not kidding, we woke up at 6am! I didn’t even need to wake up so early when I had to go to the office…
We still managed to make our way to the beach where we spent the day at Potato Head Beach Club, a must if you ever go to Seminyak! We had great drinks and I strongly recommend you try the crab roll and the tuna tartare cornets, I’m still drooling! If you want great Instagram pictures order their drink that comes in a coconut, it will definitely look cute on your feed (the drink itself is also very refreshing in case you even care).

Gab, my travel partner, obviously didn’t put enough sun screen on (she will tell you otherwise but her burnt legs will prove I am right) so we spent the next few days at the pool where she could hide easily. We also spent some time walking around getting to know Seminyak. Here are a few favourites of mine:
I you are ever in town and you have a little bit of money to spend, go to the new Seminyak Village mall; It is beautiful but it is also a great place to go and take out some money!
The new Bikini restaurant, with its You Look Good In A Bikini neon pink sign, is also great for Instagram pictures.
If you are thirsty, stop by Grocers and Grind for a watermelon granita (try the strawberry one too, it’s Gab’s pick). They are the bomb!
For some great Bali coffee (that does not come from Starbucks because, surprisingly, there’s one here and, although I carved, I did try some local coffee shops too) go spend some time at Temu, they have great iced coffee and a breathtaking terrace!

We are now in a new villa where we will spend the next few days doing simply nothing! Our jet lag isn’t quite gone yet so we are hoping the next few days will help.
Right now, Im sitting in some stairs trying to get as much wifi reception as possible and it’s not so easy… I have a feeling it’s gonna be good for me though! It’ll give me some time to connect with the real world. Ahhh Bali, I love you already!

I’ll keep you posted,
Fred. Xx.
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Ps: Gaby’s been taking a lot of the great pictures that I have used on here and on Instagram, she’s amazing! Follow her: @Gaby_courtois

Help, I’ve got the blues…

I leave for Bali in less than 3 days and if my ticket was refundable, I would probably be thinking about it right now… In other words, I am scared as F*** and I want to back out!

I often leave the comfort of my home for the comfort of all-inclusive paradises or nice hotels around the world but it’s my first time leaving on an adventure by myself for 2 months. This isn’t like what I’ve done in the past… Far from it!
Dont get me wrong, I will have comfortable beds to sleep in and sometimes they will even be in nice little villas but somehow it feels different and that scares me. Maybe it’s the fact that I will be on the opposite side of the world for 2 months or that it is my first time not travelling to major cities and being on a budget… Who knows?! At this point, I am even scared of the many flights we have to take to get there and I have never been scared of flying… Help!

It also doesn’t help much that for the past week all I have been doing is saying goodbye to people… I didn’t think I had that many friends and yet I have spent the past 10 nights out for diner with people who I wanted to see before I go. It’s been sad but some good has come out of all these goodbye dinners!

After talking to all of my friends, I’ve realized that it’s normal to get the blues before leaving on adventures like these. Just talk it out!
If it helps in the planning of a future trip of yours or if you just really like discovering great songs, come back Wednesday for the playlist I will be listening to on the plane.

After all, as long as I make it to Sydney in one piece to catch my flight back home, I should be fine! Right?!

I’ll keep you guys updated,
Fred. Xx.

I did not die… I’m actually more alive than ever!

Hi tiny part of the world who still reads my blog,

I have been gone for a while now… Actually, almost a year!
Time passes by so fast…
Dont worry, I did not die… I’m actually more alive than ever!

A year ago at this time of the year, I was going through a rough patch and I tried to prioritize in order to not go absolutely crazy. I wouldn’t say I didn’t go crazy though so maybe stopping to blog, something I love doing, wasn’t such a good idea… Oh well! The story of what went wrong and how I got out of my own little funk is for later. I’m back now and I’m doing so so so much better!

When I say I’m more alive than ever before, I mean that I am finally doing something I never thought I would do but always hoped I would… I’m leaving the comfort of my home in Montreal to go to Bali and Australia for almost 2 months!!

The reason I’m letting you all know about this is because… DRUM ROLLLLL!!!
I will be blogging through my entire journey!
I want to let you guys know about all the amazing things I will be doing, the lessons I will learn, the stuff I will pack and the stuff I wish I would’ve packed, the people I will meet, the food I will eat, the coffee I will fall head over heels for and the cocktails I will drink (which lead us right back to the lessons I will learn)…

This whole journey seems exciting, right? Well… It’s also kind of scary!
Come back to the blog Saturday to read all about my pre-departure blues…

Until then, leave a comment below telling me about your dream vacation!
Fred. Xx.

Ps: Music lovers, I will also start posting about my favourite songs, albums, artists and concerts again really soon. I’ll even throw in a few of my favourite playlists for all of you! Get excited!!

Conrad Sewell – Montreal

I’ve been away for quite some time now but I couldn’t be happier to be back talking about such a talented artist. I got the chance to catch Conrad Sewell’s set at the Corona Theatre in Montreal as he is currently on tour with Andra Day. Unfortunately, I could only stay for a short amount of time as I had another event to attend. I would’ve loved to see Andra’s performance but Conrad killed it and Im glad I could make it to his set. I feel like a 12 years old fangirl writing this but I am pretty much certain that I am IN LOVE with him!!

You’ve probably already heard a ton of his songs but if you haven’t seen him live yet you haven’t seen anything. He is mind blowing! He’s got a ton of energy and one of the strongest voices I have ever heard. The way he hit both some of the highest and the lowest notes is what impressed me the most! He’s also got a super sexy accent and great looks but thats not music related… Sorry!

A new song he worked on with Avicii is Coca-Cola’s Taste the Feeling campaign’s new anthem so you’ll be hearing his beautiful voice in commercials really soon. He also just released a music video for his new single Remind Me, go check it out and tell me what you think!
I am certain he’s got an amazing career ahead of him. If I were you, I’ld go catch him on tour as soon as possible. Check out his website to see where he is performing next!

I hope you fall in love with him just as much as I did,

58th Annual Grammy Awards

Music’s biggest night ended just a few minutes ago and it is safe to say that it was one for the books!

Miss Taylor Swift opened up the show in a very sparkly outfit singing her latest single Out Of The Woods. She was as fierce as ever and her vocals were as strong as they always are, if not more!

Kendrick Lamar then won best rap album and left the stage to Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood who performed a medley of some of their newest songs proving that country will always have its place on the Grammys’ stage.

Ariana Grande then introduced my fellow canadian The Weeknd with a very questionable joke. None the less, he went on performing two of his biggest hits in two very different settings. He even ended his performance with an acoustic set that got him a standing ovation from his fellow musician friends.

Andra Day and Ellie Golding followed up with a very strong performance full of girl power! Beautiful women with graceful yet strong voices, what more could we ask for?

The award for best country album them went to Traveller and…

John Legend, Demi Lovato, Luke Bryan, Meghan Trainor and Tyrese Gibson took the stage in a beautiful tribute to Lionel Richie! Let’s not leave out that he also joined in and got everyone in the audience up on their feet. No one does it like M. Richie!

Little Big Town followed up performing their hit song Girl Crush and proving the world, once again, that they have killer harmonies. They were then followed by Pentatonix and Stevie Wonder who payed tribute to Earth Wind and Fire with a beautiful acapella performance.
They then went on giving out the award for song of the year to none other than Ed Sheeran!!!

The Eagles then slowed things down with an amazing tribute to Glenn Frey only for Tori Kelly and James Bay to pick them back up with the most beautiful versions of James’ Let It Go and Tori’s Hollow. I still don’t have words to describe just how perfect their performance was. I need them to tour together, I would pay millions for that! Millions!

The long awaited Kendrick Lamar then put on a show of his own to bring a little bit of fire to the award show. He was followed by Miguel who gave out the award for best rock performance to Alabama Shakes!

Adele, the one everyone was waiting for, then took the stage to perform All I Ask a song she co-wrote with Bruno Mars. Even some minor sound difficulties couldn’t hold her back, she was as strong as ever!

Justin Bieber, the one I  was waiting for, then light up the whole entire damn place with an acoustic version of his hit single Love Yourself followed by a crazy performance of the song that got Justin his first ever Grammy Where Are You Now with Skrillex and Diplo.

Maghan Trainor then won the award for best new artist setting the stage for Lady Gaga to perform a touching tribute to David Bowie. She did it the Gaga way and I don’t think anyone could’ve asked for more!

In honour of B.B. King, Chris Stapleton and Gary Clarke Jr. also took the stage. They were followed by Alabama Shakes and Hollywood vampires who literally set fire to the stage for their first ever televised performance.

Joey Alexander, this year’s youngest Grammy nominee, then sat centre stage at a beautiful black piano to show the world just how talented he is. The album of the year was then awarded to Taylor Swift making her the first women to win the award twice! Go Taylor!

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars and took home the Grammy for record of the year with Uptown Funk!

Finally (or not… Did we really want it to end?), Pitbull, Joe Perry and Robin Thick closed the show with an upbeat performance full of confetti!

I hope you had an amazing watching the Grammys and if you didn’t I hope this is enough to make it sound like you did,

Weekly Favourites

For the past few weeks we have been graced with new songs and music videos.
Here are some of my favourites!

From The Ground Up – Dan + Shay
Opinion Overload– Simple Plan
We Don’t Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) – Charlie Puth
My Gospel – Charlie Puth
Something Beautiful – Tori Kelly
Pillowtalk – ZAYN

music videos:
Hollow (Top of The Tower) – Tori Kelly
Pillow Talk – ZAYN
History – One Direction
Neverland – Zendaya
Kung Fu Fighting – The Vamps