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I messed up…

I never thought I would be the kind of person to lose their passport but… I messed up!

A month ago, sitting in the comfort of my home back in oh-so-cold-Canada, I thought going from villa to villa in different cities seemed like a great way to see Bali. Airbnb even made it extremely easy for us to do so but…
Yesterday, as I was sitting by the pool in villa #4, it all didn’t seem so great anymore! You see, when the owners asked us to fill up a little information sheet that required our passport number I suddenly realized I didn’t know where my passport was…
Beginner move! I. Messed. Up.

I wish I had a picture of our room 5 minutes after we checked in; It was a mess! I emptied both my suit cases on the floor and turned everything up side down at least 3 times before I ALMOST broke down crying (but I didn’t). At that point, I jumped online to figure out where the nearest Canadian Embassy was. Surprise; There isn’t one in Bali! Right there and then, I could’ve cried (but I didn’t)(but I wanted to). There was no way I would jump on a plane to Jakarta with no passport to go get a new passport, no way! Home had never felt so far away. I was scared and disappointed and scared some more…

More About Me: I have always been someone very responsible and organized. I dont forget important things like a freakin passport and I think about every single little detail before doing almost anything (definitely before and while traveling)!

It’s me I was disappointed in. Me, myself and I. My fault.

I gathered whatever important stuff I had left and made my way across town. I am certain nobody here had ever seen someone so lost walk like they knew exactly where they were going. I had music blaring through my ears in order to keep me from breaking down into tears and I stopped at every single place we had ever been to. There was no way villa #3 was ready for my surprise visit…

Finally (because you couldnt possibly think I am dumb enough to actually lose my passport even thoug I did), as I was walking up to our previous villa I remembered exactly where I had put my passport. You see, there was no safe in that room so I hid it. I hid it so good I forgot it there. I hid it so good even the maid didn’t find it.

***More About Me column rectification:
Turns out, I am too responsible! If that’s even a thing…

The walk back to villa #4 was great; Canggu is a very beautiful city when you’re not stressed! I’m glad everything turned out right though, it could’ve been SO much worse…
You will be able to read all about our time here in a few days! There was so much to see and do!

I’ll keep you updated,
Fred. Xx.

Ps: I will now sleep holding my passport in my arms until I get home!
PPS: If you click on the word Airbnb, you will be lead to a page where you can get a 50$ credit on your next trip with them! No need to thank me 😉

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  1. Nathalie Clement says

    Chère et belle Fred, au contraire cette histoire te ressemble: calme, luxe et volupté dans un soupçon de tension!
    Bon voyage!

  2. Evelyne Cormier says

    Oh boy, j’Imagine ta frayeur… et ta déception, mais oh quelle belle surprise la villa # 3 t’a apporté.
    Heureuse de te lire belle Fred. Heuuu quand reviens-tu? Loulou est en congé de maladie pour 6 semaines. Double fracture à un pied…
    Bisous, have fun and enjoy Bali !

    • Merci pour ton message!
      Je serai de retour à mtl le 06 avril, faites moi signe si vous avez besoin d’aide! J’espère qu Loulou ira mieux très bientôt!

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