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Excuse my jet lag

It’s been a week, I know!
In my defence, we took so many flights to get to Bali that we’ve only been here for 5 days…
Ok, 5 days is long enough to write a simple blog post but Ive been SO jet lag! It’s like nothing I have ever experienced before and I have traveled a lot in the past…
This will be one hell of a blog post though, I promise!
Buckle up because this is the story of our first week in Bali along with some favourites of mine in case you ever visit Seminyak! I even threw in a few amazing pictures in case it wasn’t in your plans, maybe now it will be.

Let’s start with all these flights I was telling you about…
We left Montreal on February 21 at 5:00 am to fly to Vancouver (5h) from where we flew to Hong Kong (12h). This would normally already be the kind of too long journey you wine about (and need wine to get through) but… From Hong Kong, we jumped on a flight to Singapore (5h) to then FINALLY make our way to Bali (3h). That’s almost 48hrs on the move… It was TERRIBLE!

Needless to say we were tired! Exhausted even!
Thank god for Airbnbs; our room was ready as soon as we got there and we were able to enjoy staying by the pool all day! That night, we got some food delivered to our hotel and went to bed at 7 o’clock, it was all we could do! I had never eaten dinner so early in my life… Welcome to Bali I guess!

Morning came way too fast! I’m not kidding, we woke up at 6am! I didn’t even need to wake up so early when I had to go to the office…
We still managed to make our way to the beach where we spent the day at Potato Head Beach Club, a must if you ever go to Seminyak! We had great drinks and I strongly recommend you try the crab roll and the tuna tartare cornets, I’m still drooling! If you want great Instagram pictures order their drink that comes in a coconut, it will definitely look cute on your feed (the drink itself is also very refreshing in case you even care).

Gab, my travel partner, obviously didn’t put enough sun screen on (she will tell you otherwise but her burnt legs will prove I am right) so we spent the next few days at the pool where she could hide easily. We also spent some time walking around getting to know Seminyak. Here are a few favourites of mine:
I you are ever in town and you have a little bit of money to spend, go to the new Seminyak Village mall; It is beautiful but it is also a great place to go and take out some money!
The new Bikini restaurant, with its You Look Good In A Bikini neon pink sign, is also great for Instagram pictures.
If you are thirsty, stop by Grocers and Grind for a watermelon granita (try the strawberry one too, it’s Gab’s pick). They are the bomb!
For some great Bali coffee (that does not come from Starbucks because, surprisingly, there’s one here and, although I carved, I did try some local coffee shops too) go spend some time at Temu, they have great iced coffee and a breathtaking terrace!

We are now in a new villa where we will spend the next few days doing simply nothing! Our jet lag isn’t quite gone yet so we are hoping the next few days will help.
Right now, Im sitting in some stairs trying to get as much wifi reception as possible and it’s not so easy… I have a feeling it’s gonna be good for me though! It’ll give me some time to connect with the real world. Ahhh Bali, I love you already!

I’ll keep you posted,
Fred. Xx.
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Ps: Gaby’s been taking a lot of the great pictures that I have used on here and on Instagram, she’s amazing! Follow her: @Gaby_courtois

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