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Help, I’ve got the blues…

I leave for Bali in less than 3 days and if my ticket was refundable, I would probably be thinking about it right now… In other words, I am scared as F*** and I want to back out!

I often leave the comfort of my home for the comfort of all-inclusive paradises or nice hotels around the world but it’s my first time leaving on an adventure by myself for 2 months. This isn’t like what I’ve done in the past… Far from it!
Dont get me wrong, I will have comfortable beds to sleep in and sometimes they will even be in nice little villas but somehow it feels different and that scares me. Maybe it’s the fact that I will be on the opposite side of the world for 2 months or that it is my first time not travelling to major cities and being on a budget… Who knows?! At this point, I am even scared of the many flights we have to take to get there and I have never been scared of flying… Help!

It also doesn’t help much that for the past week all I have been doing is saying goodbye to people… I didn’t think I had that many friends and yet I have spent the past 10 nights out for diner with people who I wanted to see before I go. It’s been sad but some good has come out of all these goodbye dinners!

After talking to all of my friends, I’ve realized that it’s normal to get the blues before leaving on adventures like these. Just talk it out!
If it helps in the planning of a future trip of yours or if you just really like discovering great songs, come back Wednesday for the playlist I will be listening to on the plane.

After all, as long as I make it to Sydney in one piece to catch my flight back home, I should be fine! Right?!

I’ll keep you guys updated,
Fred. Xx.

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