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I did not die… I’m actually more alive than ever!

Hi tiny part of the world who still reads my blog,

I have been gone for a while now… Actually, almost a year!
Time passes by so fast…
Dont worry, I did not die… I’m actually more alive than ever!

A year ago at this time of the year, I was going through a rough patch and I tried to prioritize in order to not go absolutely crazy. I wouldn’t say I didn’t go crazy though so maybe stopping to blog, something I love doing, wasn’t such a good idea… Oh well! The story of what went wrong and how I got out of my own little funk is for later. I’m back now and I’m doing so so so much better!

When I say I’m more alive than ever before, I mean that I am finally doing something I never thought I would do but always hoped I would… I’m leaving the comfort of my home in Montreal to go to Bali and Australia for almost 2 months!!

The reason I’m letting you all know about this is because… DRUM ROLLLLL!!!
I will be blogging through my entire journey!
I want to let you guys know about all the amazing things I will be doing, the lessons I will learn, the stuff I will pack and the stuff I wish I would’ve packed, the people I will meet, the food I will eat, the coffee I will fall head over heels for and the cocktails I will drink (which lead us right back to the lessons I will learn)…

This whole journey seems exciting, right? Well… It’s also kind of scary!
Come back to the blog Saturday to read all about my pre-departure blues…

Until then, leave a comment below telling me about your dream vacation!
Fred. Xx.

Ps: Music lovers, I will also start posting about my favourite songs, albums, artists and concerts again really soon. I’ll even throw in a few of my favourite playlists for all of you! Get excited!!

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