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Conrad Sewell – Montreal

I’ve been away for quite some time now but I couldn’t be happier to be back talking about such a talented artist. I got the chance to catch Conrad Sewell’s set at the Corona Theatre in Montreal as he is currently on tour with Andra Day. Unfortunately, I could only stay for a short amount of time as I had another event to attend. I would’ve loved to see Andra’s performance but Conrad killed it and Im glad I could make it to his set. I feel like a 12 years old fangirl writing this but I am pretty much certain that I am IN LOVE with him!!

You’ve probably already heard a ton of his songs but if you haven’t seen him live yet you haven’t seen anything. He is mind blowing! He’s got a ton of energy and one of the strongest voices I have ever heard. The way he hit both some of the highest and the lowest notes is what impressed me the most! He’s also got a super sexy accent and great looks but thats not music related… Sorry!

A new song he worked on with Avicii is Coca-Cola’s Taste the Feeling campaign’s new anthem so you’ll be hearing his beautiful voice in commercials really soon. He also just released a music video for his new single Remind Me, go check it out and tell me what you think!
I am certain he’s got an amazing career ahead of him. If I were you, I’ld go catch him on tour as soon as possible. Check out his website to see where he is performing next!

I hope you fall in love with him just as much as I did,

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