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Zayn Malik – Pillow Talk

Zayn Malik is used to the spotlights but it’s officially his first time facing them on his own since leaving One Direction a few months ago…

Zayn has made it clear that he’s been wanting to make a more mature kind of music for a while now and it does kind of explain him leaving 1D. The song just doesn’t match the band!
If you’re looking to add to your bubblegum pop playlist search elsewhere. Although a clean version of the single is available on iTunes, it’s definitely not the type of song that will be playing at school dances.

This is as sexy as it gets! It’s got a vibe that resembles The Weeknd and lyrics that can only spark you up (or your partner… Im just saying!).
It’s different, it’s more mature; I love it!

Oh, also, the trippy music video to Pillow Talk is starring the always so beautiful Gigi Hadid. You have to go watch it!


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