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Favourite New Releases (plus a free download)

For the past few weeks we have been graced with new songs that made going back to school and work just a little bit better. I thought I could drop a list of some new content I think you should check out. It’s brand new and amazing!

Deja Vu – Craig Stickland
Tears In The Rain – Craig Stickland (Just pick up the whole EP!)
UGH! – The 1975
One Call Away – Charlie Puth
Some Type of Love – Charlie Puth
Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya
Over and Over Again (feat. Ariana Grande) – Nathan Sykes
Beating Me Up – Rachel Platten
Stand By You – Rachel Platten
Learn to Fly – Ryan Beatty (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
Firestone (Acoustic)– Conrad Sewell
Remind Me– Conrad Sewell


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