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Miley Cyrus and her dead petz – Boston

Think crazy and then triple whatever you have in mind and you’re not even close to what Miley’s new tour is like (or what went through my head when I decided to hit the road, cross the boarder and go celebrate my birthday in Boston to see her concert).

Miley’s just the right amount of crazy and fweaky. She’s beautifully provocative! If you’re looking for an eye-opener kind of experience; the milky milky tour is for you! It’s really all about breaking down stereotypes and overcoming judgements through crazy songs, outfits and choreographies.

Miley is still the same talented artist with a crazy strong voice, she even still wears wigs! She just so happens to also wear a unicorn strap-on at some point through the concert and if that makes you uncomfortable maybe you should stay home… Seriously!! Open minded people only!!

You can listen to her new album for free to get ready for your next concert. Don’t miss out on seeing Miley live!!

**if ever you’re wondering what I want for christmas or anytime really; I would pay millions of dollars to see Miley do a small unplugged kind of gig.

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