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AMAs 2015

I hope you got the chance to catch the American Music Awards on Sunday night because it feels like all of our favourite artists attended. Seriously, who wasn’t there?!

Some award shows can get pretty boring but this was one of the best 3 hours I have ever spent watching an award ceremony. This was the most performances I had ever seen in such a short amount of time and they were all amazing!

Here’s how it all went down:
Jennifer Lopez proved it really was all about the music by dancing like only she could to some of this year’s biggest hits. As she went on hosting the show, Selena Gomez followed up after 5 Seconds of Summer’s rocking performance with a beautiful performance of her new single Same Old Love.
She deserves an award just for getting down the huge staircase that was up on stage and keeping it classy all the way down!
Demi Lovato then went on to prove just how strong she is, vocally and as a person in general, by performing her latest single Confident.
And, just as we thought nothing could top those past performances; Meghan Trainor performed Marvin Gaye alongside Charlie Puth sealing it with a very much passionate kiss that seemed to be never ending.
Ariana grande then went on to perform her brand new single Focus for the first time ever setting the bar super high for the next performers and One Direction and Nick Jonas only raised it even higher by performing their biggest hits of the year.
Only was the bar raised higher than ever by the one and only Justin Bieber who closed the show and blew the roof along with all of our minds. He was impressive and really made it worth watching the show until the end! I mean, is there still people out there who pretend to not enjoy a crazy, over-the-top Justin Bieber performance?! I don’t think so…

The show also payed tribute to Paris and the many other countries around the world touched by terrorist attacks. I don’t think anyone other than Céline Dion could have performed such a beautiful french song in honour of those who have lost their lives or the lives of closed ones. Needless to say it was very touching! Merci Céline!

If you watched the show along with me, I hope you loved it just as much as I did and if you didn’t, I hope you regret not doing so now!

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