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Adele – 25 (First Listen)

A few hours ago I was invited to join Virgin Radio Montreal and a bunch of lucky Adele fans in listening to her brand new album 25. It’s officially coming out Friday and, believe me, you should set your alarms at midnight just to get it. It’s worth waking up in the middle of the night for! I mean, why would you waste time sleeping when you can listen to such wonderful songs?!

I knew Adele was talented (who doesn’t) but this album really is what did it for me. I mean… Is there something that girl’s voice can’t do?!
***The answer to that is no!

She stayed true to her soulful ballads that seem to make you feel emotions you didn’t even know you could feel, but there are also a few specials gems on there. If you wanted some upbeat tracks, you will be getting just that!

I already have a few favourites; Send My Love To Your New Lover is one of the first songs on the album and it sets the tone just right. It’s upbeat and fun yet beautiful and well written! It’s followed by I Miss You which, along with Remedy, is the perfect sad song. The album contains many more beautiful tracks just like When We Were Young which you can already listen to! The lyrics to the song are out of this world and the strong presence of the piano only makes it ten times better. As Adele was ready to release the album a few months ago she felt like something was missing and When We Were Young ended up being it. I don’t think it would’ve been the same without it!

You can get your hands on the album as of Friday on iTunes or in stores everywhere.
I hope you love it as much as I do,

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