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Justin Bieber (Purpose) / One Direction (Made In The AM)

In case you have been living under a rock and didn’t know yet, Justin Bieber and One Direction are releasing albums today. If we could only chose one, we would say today is every fangirl’s dream day!

Justin’s Purpose is his like 7th album if you count his movie’s live soundtrack and his Christmas album which you should start listening to again at this time of the year. It also marks his big come back into the music industry. Bumps on the road sure as hell didn’t slow him down and if they did it sure didn’t affect all of the talent he’s got bottled up inside of him. Give his new album a listen, it’s worth it! I don’t think I have ever heard so many people coming from so may different backgrounds singing along to Justin’s new songs when they come on the radio.

One Direction’s new album is kind of different in a way. It marks the beginning of their one year long break… Don’t worry, we cried too! They’ll be back though and we can only think that they’ll be stronger and better than ever. Until then we can be really grateful they’re leaving us with a great album! As of their new music, we feel the guys didn’t take as much of a chance as Justin did. They stayed in their safe pop sounding bubble which is fine in a way. That’s what their fans love to hear from them but it sure won’t get others to give a listen to their new album…

Here are our favourite tracks from both albums:
Love Yourself – Purpose
Sorry – Purpose
The Feeling – Purpose
Children – Purpose
I Want to Write You a Song – MITAM
Olivia – MITAM
Love You Goodbye – MITAM

You can grab both albums off of iTunes and in pretty much every music stores ever.
You can also catch Justin on tour, tickets are coming out next week!!
Hope you love these albums as much as we do,

**We could never pick a favourite

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