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November Playlist

I find November to be a very boring month and this playlist is all I need to keep me from deciding to hibernate for a few weeks.
It’s for all of you who are looking to discover new songs or new artists or who simply want to freshen up their own playlist!! If you look on the right side-bar you can also listen to this exact playlist as you’re reading my blog!!

Hollow –
Tori Kelly

Perfect –
One Direction

Focus –
Ariana Grande

Sorry –
Justin Bieber

Home –
One Direction

Can’t Slow Down –

Sober –
Selena Gomez

Wild Things –
Alessia Cara

I Don’t Want to Go to Bed (Feat. Nelly) –
Simple Plan

Irresistable (Feat. Demi Lovato) –
Fall Out Boy

Hands to Myself –
Selena Gomez


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