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Dear Scooter

Today, Scooter Braun was at the Revolt Music Conference and I got the chance to catch his Q&A.
As most of you might know already, I want to be an artist manager! I am passionate about the idea of mixing music and business together in order to go on a journey with an artist; a journey that the world gets to experience along with us!
Scooter has played a big role in why I want to become an artist manager! I got to give him my business card after his conference and, since getting business cards made for a “future artist manager that needs a mentor to believe in them and help them grow into the industry” just to give one to Scooter is a little bit crazy, I gave him my blogging business card. The one for this blog!
So… In case Scooter stumbles on here I wrote him a little something:

Dear Scooter,
I tried reaching out to you today after your conference but, unfortunately, after you told me you would be back to talk, you got back on stage and I never saw you again. I still had to find a way to get you to know what I have wanted to tell you for a while.
I have applied, not so long ago, for an internship at SPB. Unfortunately, I am canadian so my application probably went straight to the trash. I understand; Why bother employing someone from Canada when there is many people from LA that would do just the job…
Here is why:
At the conference you talked about how the next generation needs to keep doing big things like they are told to do and not let older people who think they are too young to do these things stop them. Well, I am one of those under 21s that raised their hands. In fact, I am only 19! Let me tell you, for a 19 years old I have done a lot of stuff!
While I was still in high school I worked as a Human Ressources Assistant and an IT assistant for Transat, a airline operator serving over 60 destinations in 25 countries. I then went on to start this blog to have a foot in the music industry while I was still figuring everything else out. I went on to study business in college. During my first year, I worked as a receptionist & assistant at Via Capitale a real estate brokers agency. Just as the office closed, a third party reached out to me through my blog and I spent the next few months working on the french canadian version of the Apple Music app. Since last summer, I have been working at Tourisme Montreal as a Corporate Sales Coordinator. In other words, I have been working with a team of event planners to plan the next big meetings, events and conventions to come to Montreal. But that’s not all, I also found the time to intern with “Les Productions J” the biggest artist management company in Quebec and “Musique Plus” the equivalent of MTV here.
I’m ready for bigger things, I want to learn from you and all the peoole you work with! I want to be everyone’s assistant for a few months. This industry is all about experience and this is what I’m looking to get from you. I need a mentor!
I’m looking for the Usher to my Justin.
I guess what I’m trying to say is; if you want me to jump on the first flight to LA, I’ll do it!
You say it yourslef and I know so, you’re a man of your words. As you could’nt come back out to talk with me maybe we could chat some other time. Until then, I will be at as much of the conferences you give to learn as much as I can from you!

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