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Cody Simpson – Burlington, VT

There’s nothing like a roadtrip with your best friends and Cody Simpson’s concert was really worth crossing the border for!

I have talked about Cody many times on this blog and I feel like for a while it was all about him transitioning into the artist he always wanted to be, well…
Ladies and gentlemen; today is the day I get to say Cody Simpson has found himself, is doing music that he loves and is freakin killing it!

Goodbye bubble gum pop and hello sexy laid back blues vibes, we were waiting for you! Never have I seen Cody so comfortable on stage and off stage…
It’s all about the music now! Nothing else comes to mind as Cody and his band are playing. There was so much talent yet so much simplicity on this one small stage, it gets you feeling some kind of way. A great kind a way. Some kind of way every true music fan wants to feel, everyday.

There’s no need for me to tell you guys that it’s hard for an artist to let go of their record label, start their own and go on as an idependent recording artist. Cody needs your support now more than ever! Catch him on tour around the US with Aer, buy some merch, grab the album while you’re doing so and get youself a meet & greet with him while you’re at it. Dont miss out on this opportunity!
Check out Cody’s website for tickets and VIP packages and grab a copy of Free at Walmart, FYE or on iTunes,

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