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One Direction – On The Road Again Tour (Montreal + Ottawa)

If it wasn’t for both concerts being exactly the same I would be writing a blog post for each, but the vibes were so different I don’t even know how I’m going to be writing this…

This is the thing about this tour; every concert is just so different from the others while still being the same! The guys are giving each other so much free time to interact with the fans, it makes every nigh different.

The Montreal concert took place in one of these big stadiums that aren’t really made for concerts… The sound was “ok”, not that you would’ve heard the guys over all the screaming fans anyways.
The Ottawa concert took place in one of those new (and super small) arenas where the sound is amazing. It felt so much more personal!

If I could give the guys one advice it would be to stick to arenas, they’re that much better for the fans!

As for the concert, it was a blast! The guys sure know how to interact with fans and make them have a good time. Their presence is amazing and that’s pretty hard to do when you have such a big stage. They’re on for a bit over 2 hours, there’s not a song they’re not performing.
I thought I would miss Zayn and his high notes but the guys are really making up for our lost, there’s not a note they’re leaving out!

You really shouldn’t miss this tour!
Check out the guys’ website for tickets and info on their new music,

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