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Justin Bieber

Let’s talk about Justin Bieber.
For the past month the entire world has been counting down to the release of his new single What Do You Mean. The past few days were even crazier, the anticipation was rising and you could feel the excitement in the air. The song came out and it did not disappoint, it’s everybody’s new favourite track!
What’s great about all that is that the excitement doesn’t seem to have faded yet. Its still there, palpable.
We all missed Justin Bieber whether we want to admit it or not…

He’s back and better than ever, let’s just hope that it’s forever.
(I killed that rhyme!! Justin, hit me up if you ever want me to write you a song.)

Justin did an amazing performance of his new single and his hit tune Where Are U Now at the Video Music Awards. It was so fly he actually flew away at the end! And, because you could never have too much Bieber in one night, the new music video for What Do You Mean was released and it is amazing. It’s sexy and mysterious and fun and sexy… The fans could’ve never asked for a better comeback.

It’s all about the music now, just like it should’ve always been. Remember when you were 15 and thought you were so cool for not liking JB’s music? Oh but guys, remember how you all rocked the Bieber cut at some point? yeah… That time’s over! You can like him now, we’ll share him with you.

Here’s to a great future full of new and amazing Justin Bieber songs, albums, tours and movies. I will be the first in line to buy my tickets,

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