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Today was everything but relaxing; from waking up extra early to get to the airport to a cancelled flight, another one delayed for more than 6 hours, a shared taxi ride from LaGuardia to Times Square, a frantic run through Time Square to find the BestBuy Theatre and, finally, The Vamps’ concert…

Im gonna need a few years of sleep (or a few drinks) but it was more than worth it!

Although, probably because I dont run very fast, I missed the first few songs The Vamps performed, I heard well enough to tell you guys that they are extremely talented. Each of them played many instruments through the night and they took turns letting the fans hear their beautiful voices. The guys also performed lots of great covers that got the crowd screaming even louder then it already was! They put on the kind of concert that you could see over and over again and never get bored of and it’s probably because they put so much energy into performing for their fans.
Oh and dont get me started on their British accents; I kept blaming the heat in the room for making me melt but really it was just the accents…

If you havent already seen the guys live or if you have and you just cant get enough of them (like me), catch them on tour! Check out their website for more info on the next dates,

BTW: You have just a little less than 24 hours (until 10pm est on the 31 of July) to check out my snapchat story from the concert!!!! Simply add iamjustfred on snapchat!!!!

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