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Taylor Swift -1989 World Tour (Montreal)

Sometimes spur of the moment decisions bring you down unknown paths to great adventures. Last night, Taylor Swift’s extra long catwalk stood as my unknown path; one of the greatest paths I’ve ever traveled!

Everyone has a favourite Taylor Swift song, or thousands, and there’s nothing more beautiful than when 15 000 people sing those songs together. This may seem like a lot but Im pretty sure there was more spotlights on that stage than people in the room. That says a lot about the concert!
I hadn’t seen such a big, complex and flamboyant stage in a really long time. The installations were crazy! The concert itself was dazzling; there were tens of dancers, choristers and band members, crazy videography and pyrotechnic and tons of outfit changes each more beautiful (and sparkly) than the others. For more than 2 hours, Taylor was running around, dancing and singing giving each and every single person in the room the time of their life! Keeping the fans up on their feet, she sang some of her biggest hits from over the years and, of course, each and every song out of her chart topping album 1989.

We all know Taylor to be a very powerful women and she showed just that through every song. She even made sure to make the fans feel the same way. They came out of the Bell Center feeling as empowered as ever!

All in all, I don’t think I could ever regret that 176$ spur of the moment. It was worth every penny of it!
Check out Taylor’s website for her upcoming tour dates!
Believe me you don’t want to miss the 1989 World Tour,

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