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Tori Kelly – Were I Belong Tour (Toronto)

Tori Kelly has been the talk of the music industry for the past few weeks because of her new album and all those amazing live performances she recently did. It was time people acknowledge her ever-growing talent! Her concert in Toronto at the Phenix theatre was her first concert since the release of Unbreakable Smile and I could have never asked for more.

The fans already knew the lyrics to Tori’s new songs and the energy in the room was on another level. It was crazy! I don’t think anyone could ever prepare themselves for just how amazing Tori is live. Her voice is pure and powerful, her talent is raw and her stage presence is unrivalled! It’s an out of this world experience!

Although this tour is almost over, it’s only the beginning for Tori.
There’s so much more amazing things coming her way and I will be there every step of the way!
Keep checking her website for new tour dates!
Trust me, you don’t want to miss such a great concert,

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