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Jake Miller – Fly 92.3 Summer Jam (Saratoga Springs)

It’s summer and that can only mean more and more concerts everywhere at all times. Summer is also the perfect time for roadtrips and it’s exactly why I jumped in my car a few days ago and crossed the US borders…
A few hours later, and a few pit stops later (shout out to Penera and Chipotle), there was only a few minutes and seats filled with excited fans separating me from Jake Miller.

Believe me, there’s nothing like a Jake Miller concert! If you’re looking for the craziest fans, the greatest songs and a badass energy; that’s exactly what you will get! Don’t be fooled by Jake’s “cool guy” looks and his map raping skills, he’s a sweet heart. The sweetest there is.

Under all these upbeat melodies and them mellow acoustic vibes there are powerful lyrics delivering great messages and stories… There’s no way you won’t fall head over heels in love with the hottie!

You’re in luck, if after reading this you want to see Jake live even more than you already did, you can buy tickets to his upcoming tour on his website right now. Jake will be leaving for tour in less than a month and he will be visiting SAYREVILLE, NEW YORK, BOSTON, CLIFTON PARK, NEW HAVEN, LANCASTER, WASHINGTON, PHILADELPHIA, PITTSBURGH, CINCINNATI, CHARLOTTE, ORLANDO, FORT LAUDERDALE, JACKSONVILLE BEACH, ATLANTA, COLUMBUS, PONTIAC, CLEVELAND, MILWAUKEE, CHICAGO, LAWRENCE, OMAHA, PHOENIX, SAN DIEGO, SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES and ANAHEIM.

Don’t miss out on it,

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