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Ed Sheeran – Montreal

A man, his guitars, a loop pedal, 2 microphones and 15 000 very loud fans singing along to their favourite songs. It was simple yet more than anyone there could’ve ever asked for. I mean, Ed could’ve just sat there and sang and everyone would’ve loved it!

There’s not a song people didn’t know the words to, the entire Bell Center was singing along in armony with Ed… I went from swaying around singing along with my eyes closed just enjoying the concert to dancing around feeling my heart beating to the music; it was magical! There’s no need for me to tell you about how strong Ed’s voice is and how talented he is, everyone knows just how amazing he is!

Here’s to hoping that Ed stays true to himself and never feels the need to bring a band alongside him on tour. He really doesnt need a band, back-up singers, dancers and all that bling bling.
Catch him on tour by visiting his website to buy tickets!
Also, dont forget to grab his new songs on iTunes! FRED

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