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The Perfect Festival Checklist – you won’t forget a thing

Summer is on it’s way and we all know summer is just a fancy word for festival season!
Here’s the post to live by to make sure that you are ready and that you don’t forget a thing so you can have the time of your life…
And, to make it all easier for you, at the bottom of this post you can find this exact checklist in a PDF document, you can print it and use it to pack! It even has extra space for stuff you don’t want to forget and that isn’t already on the list (not that I forgot anything)!

Before you leave:
-Look at the line-up and make sure that you won’t miss your favourite acts! Some festivals are tricky with their many stages…
-Take a look at the event’s website, you will find lots of information like parking, amenities on the site, hotels or camping sites near by (if you need one) and much more important infos…
-Plan your killer outfits ahead! Make sure you’re confortable, you’ll be spending long, hot days in them…
-Look at the weather forecast!! (this speaks for itself)

In your bag:
-Snacks! Go for protein bars or small nutritive snack. You’ll be out in the sun all day; you’ll need a boost!
-Water! Bring empty water bottles; they are less heavy and you can fill them up on the site.
-Rain jacket/Poncho/Hoodie! If it looks like it’s gonna rain or it will get cold at night, you will need one of those.
-Money $$$ (In cards and cash)
-2 pieces of Id
-Your phone and a power bar
-Sun screen lotion
-Sunglasses & a hat
-A blanket! To sit on the ground…
-A pack of gum!
-A lip balm
-Hair elastics/Bobby pins
-Camera/Polaroid/Go Pro

Good packing:
festival check list

**Here’s what the checklist looks like, open the PDF to print it (you will get a better quality):
check list 1
check list 2

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