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The Honeymoon Tour – Ariana Grande & Rixton (Uncasville)

Although Ariana puts on an amazing concert full of great and very tight choreographies and her vocals were perfect from the first to the very last song, I think the main reason I enjoyed myself so much that night was because of Rixton!

The british band performed all of the fan favourites and even played a medley of classics and new hits that could only make everybody fall for them. They connected well with the fans; interacting and jocking around with them all through their set and they really did warm up the crowd for Ariana. Music-wise they are all very talented and sounded great all along! I could’ve only hoped that their set would’ve been longer…

Let’s all hope they go on their own tour very soon, after the Ed Sheeran tour they are apart of that is!
For now, you can catch Ariana & Rixton on tour for the next few months!
Also, the boys’ new album just came out and it’s perfect! Check it out!

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