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Demi World Tour – Montreal

Oh Demi…
I wish I could thank her for creating and putting on such an empowering and inspiring concert! It was simply an amazing night! Demi described her concert as a big group therapy session where you can just let go, have fun and find a better you and no other words could describe it better…

Demi’s voice was powerful from the first song to the last one and never have I felt like she was lip-syncing. She interacted with the crowd and even went from crying to laughing with everybody at the Bell Centre. Her concert is perfectly balanced going from rock songs to more popish ones while still taking time to sit down a bit to get more personal with everybody. Demi gushed about being shy to show her arms and play piano alone at concerts yet she said this tour was so everybody could outdo themselves and so she conquers her fears every night in front of thousands of people!

You don’t want to miss this amazing concert where you can really just LEt It Go and find your inner Warrior through all those Neon Lights! (See what I did there) So get your tickets now!!

I felt more beautiful and confident at that concert than I have ever felt in my entire life… thank you Demi!

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