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Rixton new album: Let The Road

The boys from Rixton announced today that they will be releasing their first album on March 3rd! What a great way to start the new year!!

The album will be called Let The Road and we already know what songs are gonna be on it:

1. Let The Road // 2. Wait On Me // 3. Appreciated
4. Beautiful Excuses // 5. Me And My Broken Heart
6. Hotel Ceiling // 7. I Like Girls // 8. Speakerphone
9. We All Want The Same Thing // 10. Whole

The only thing disapointing about it is that their is a lot of already released songs on the album. We wanted more new ones!!

Keep an eye out for Let The Road on iTunes, you will be able to preorder it on October 7th!
I already know Im gonna love it,

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