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New Found Love – Scott Helman

I stumbled across an acoustic video from Scott Helman yesterday on Facebook and as soon as the music started and he started singing I regretted pressing play… I just knew I would have to look up every other songs that he had ever put up on youtube.

Scott is from Toronto/Canada and, according to his website, artists such as Nirvana, Ray LaMontagne, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Keaton Henson inspire him! It was actually after listening to The Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd that Scott realized that he “wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to make something half as good as this.”

His voice sounds amazing & his lyrics are well thought out and mature; his music is simply delightful! With some hints of rock, a little bit of soul and just a tinny bit of pop, I think everyone can find something to like about Scott. Don’t be fouled by his young looks, his music suits a ton of different audiences!

I spent the night listening to his music and I already have favourites. I fell in love with his Riptide by Vance Joy cover and an original song by him called Cry Cry Cry! And just when you think things about Scott can’t get better, when you sign up to his mailing list on his website you can 3 free songs including Cry Cry Cry.

If you’re from the Toronto area and you’re 19 or older, make sure you go check out Scott’s concert at the Cameron House! For more details, check out his website, his twitter or his Facebook page!

I hope you’ll love his music as much as I do!
I can’t wait for Scott to come do a concert in Montreal,

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