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The New Cody Simpson – Montreal Concert

Meet the new Cody Simpson, a grown up, more mature and even more talented young man as the one you already knew. The 17 year old singer/song-writer reinvented himself and it worked. The young man I saw performing live at the Montreal Metropolis a few days ago was grown up, more mature and even more talented than the one I had seen just 6 months ago on his acoustic tour.

Cody Still sang a few of his old songs but he changed them, he made them sound more mature and it felt like they represented him a little more. Frankly, I think they sound much better now! He also covered great songs from artists such as Elvis & Justin Timberlake… He really knows how to reach out to all kinds of audiences, the parents in the room were having as much fun as their kids!

Cody really did reinvent himself for the better. I’ve always been a big fan of his because he has always been a very talented and down to heart man but this finally feels like the real Cody. It’s like he finally found the real him. To be completely honest, I think he always knew that was the sound he wanted to be affiliated with but that he finally just had the courage to fully come out with it. Nothing felt out of place or a little uncomfortable for Cody. It wasn’t too pop-ish and the blues vibes Cody integrated to his set really did put everything together perfectly. It felt right and I think Cody definitely should keep growing into more of a blues man. What he is bringing to the music industry as a 17 years old is unseen, he is talented, passionate and I think he can only keep growing into the man he really wants to be. This new side of him is going to attract a lot more older fans and I hope that then he will finally get the recognition he deserves! This is him; it feels real, it sounds great, its perfect! Now, the only thing that scares me is if the fans are going to mature alongside him…

Unfortunately, I think the fans in Montreal didn’t evolve as Cody did. While he was on stage telling everyone how he had changed and how he wanted to show the fans a new and more mature side of him and his music the fans were screaming endlessly. Don’t get me wrong, concerts are always loud in Montreal and its fine but I think it would only have been respectful and normal to listen to what Cody was putting on the table that night. His old songs now sound more bluesy and the new ones are much more mature and down to earth and I would’ve loved to get the chance to give those pieces a good listen. I personally think Montreal was and will always be too loud for the new vibes Cody is coming up with. He was showing talent and emotions but unfortunately Montreal was taking over him and, as beautiful as a crowd sounds when they are singing along to a song, you couldn’t hear Cody and the modifications he did to his old songs. Cody’s new music needs to be enjoyed and I couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest while the fans were going crazy like that. Maybe they didn’t mature fast enough for Cody but I hope they realize that and try to ”sit back, relax” next time he comes to town…

As of me, I will definitely jump in my car and drive to the United States to catch Cody in concert there and try to really enjoy the music. The fans shouldn’t take this personally but from my previous experiences concerts over there aren’t as loud as in Canada… (Bring on the competition guys)

Give the new Cody Simpson a try and buy some tickets for one (or more) of his upcoming shows and go buy the new songs he will be putting out soon. The vibe Cody is bring to teenage music right now is new and I really hope people will love it and give it a chance. I can’t wait to see where his hard work and new vibes will bring him in the future. This is only the beginning, he can only go up from here. I am positive that in a few years Cody will be playing much bigger venues and I will be there, first row, singing along to all of his songs!

It’s just him, his guitar, his band & chill vibes. Check it out!



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