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IMAGINE DRAGONS – night visions tour, Montreal

Over the past few days, I have been a really busy music blogger… In other words, I have a lot of amazingly great concerts to blog about. I’ve seen them all; from a really small concert with a 50 people audience to a Bell Center concert with more than 17 000 fans attending. I’ve been to Montreal but I also traveled to Boston to tell you guys all about the best shows to see these days!

The first concert I got to attend was Imagine Dragons at the Bell Center in Montreal. When I first bought my tickets, I never thought the show would sell out this fast! There were more than 17 000 screaming fans singing along to only the best Imagine Dragons songs.

I usually love showing up at concerts early enough to catch all of the amazing opening acts but, this time, I was a little bit disappointed… I don’t think they were the right kind of bands to warm up the crowd and get everyone ready for the amazing concert Imagine Dragons put on right after. Though, the 17 000 fans in the audience stayed true to what everyone knows Montreal for; they were loud and they showed them love! After talking to a few people after the concert, I think half the crowd discovered two new great bands and the other half shares my opinion…

I know for sure, though, that everyone enjoyed the amazing vocals and musical capacities Imagine Dragons demonstrated through out their entire set. They came out strong, kept it up all along and finished just as strong if not more… The boys played almost all of the songs on their new album ‘’Night Visions’’, a few older ones and they even played a few new ones for the fans. The crowd was even louder than it already was for the other bands and the guys enjoyed it tons; they said they had never received so much love from an audience before and I think I even saw a few tears from M. Reynolds… I thought a crowd couldn’t possibly scream louder than it already was but I was wrong, Imagine Dragons finished the concert with their new single and their biggest hit while wearing Habs jerseys. The crowd went wild! Montreal lives through music and hockey, imagine when the two are mixed together…

If you have the chance to catch the boys from Imagine Dragons on tour, do it! You definitely wont regret it, they are amazingly talented and they put on an amazing concert. Check out their website for their next tour dates and go grab their new single ‘’Monster’’ on iTunes right now!

Much Much love,                                                                                                                    FRED<3


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