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Emblem Three, MKTO & Jackson Guthy -Band Life tour Montreal

LOUD is the only word to describe this concert but my blog post can’t be 1 word long so here is my opinion on the Band Life tour concert in Montreal…

First act first; Jackson Guthy! I don’t think the Montreal girls could be more in love with this cutie. They were screaming louder than ever and Jackson just couldn’t believe it. He went from up beat songs to slow ones without ever loosing the audience’s attention. He even practiced his french and flirting skills with all the girls by saying and I quote: ”J’aime tes fasse”… I think he meant to say I love your face even thought it sounded more like I love your butt, oups! The girls loved it though 😉

Then comes MKTO, a band that is a perfect mix of rap and pop! The fans looked like they were having an amazing time and it’s probably because these boys know exactly how to start a party! Their cover of Royals was P.E.R.F.E.C.T! I need a studio version of that!!! They also finished their set with their newest single; Classic… This one got everyone in the audience jumping up and down, it definitely ended their set the right way!

Now, who better than the boys from Emblem3 to end the show and, like I said before, I had ever heard something so loud! The fans were going crazy and the boys were as crazy if not crazier than them. From singing everyone’s favourite songs to skateboarding on stage, they nailed everything they were doing! They ended their set with a cover of Hotel California, which got all the parents in the house singing along, and with their first single, Sunset Boulevard!

It is the perfect concert for pop music fans, check out Emblem3’s website for all of their upcoming tour dates. You can also grab E3’s first album and Jackson and MKTO’s singles on iTunes and in store.

Much Much Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fred

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