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DOWN WITH WEBSTER – #P4YLtour Montreal

Not so long ago, on valentines day to be precise, this awesome Canadian band finished their tour in Montreal… The boys from Down With Webster along with D’pryde and Saw Real made everyone at the Corona theatre party for their life on that special night where nothing but the music mattered. Down With Webster’s music is qualified as rap/pop rock and hip hop but If I were to be qualifying it, I would say it’s party music!

The only thing bad about that concert probably was that the pre show was REALLY long… It was full of talented rappers but extremely long!

The party really started when the boys from DWW came on stage! With their weird clothes and hair styles, their bottles of alcohol, their red cups, Pat’s amazing voice, Bucky and Camm’s mad rapping skills, Marty’s epic drum solos, Tyler’s multi-talented and fun side and Diggy’s amazing djing, they are the right kind of wrong! The boys always know how to mix the perfect amount of older songs with the new ones, they play only the best and they definitely know how to make everybody ”turn up”!

It wasn’t a normal valentine’s day activity but it was Perfect; you can never be disappointed after a Down With Webster concert! I can’t wait to go see them in concert next time they come and you should take a look at their website to find out when they will be coming near you! You can also grab their new album on iTunes and in store. It sounds great so if I was you, I would buy it ASAP!

Much Much Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fred<3                                                                                                                    Image

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