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Cody Simpson & Plug In Stereo: The Acoustic Sessions Tour, MONTREAL

I got the chance to watch the really talented Cody Simpson do his thing last night and even though I had seen him perform before, I was impressed! Yet again, he strikes!

I was used to the dancing, shy and small Cody, but this tour suits him way more than the ones before did. He interacted with the audience in a more open way, he still showed off his amazing moves in a few songs where the girls went totally crazy and the acoustic and private setting showcased his voice perfectly. I don’t think people recognize his talent enough, he really is a talented young man and I hope his career takes him far.

The down side of this tour isn’t about the artist, the talent or the setting because, personally, I find that those things were perfectly put together. While stood in the sold out venue during the show, I realized that the crowd wasn’t mature enough for the type of concert the crew and Cody were trying to put on… Don’t get me wrong, the fans were amazing. Artists know Montreal for it’s loud and crazy fans and they came out just as that! They were really supportive, they enjoyed the show and they even prepared tons of special little projects to make Cody smile and it worked. The thing is that many times Cody had to ask the girls to stop screaming so he could talk or the keep it down when slow songs came on and, frankly, it didn’t work. At least we could still hear is great voice over the screaming…

For the fans, Im sure the amazing concert was worth the long hours of waiting outside in the cold and, as if it wasn’t enough yet, Cody took the time to come out to take pictures with fans after the concert. Perfect combination of talented, passionate et humble!

As for the opening act, Trevor, also known as Plug In Stereo did an awesome job. I didn’t know much about him before but, now that I have seen him live, I will definitely take time to check out his music and videos on youtube and iTunes.

Everyone should buy tickets to this tour or any of Cody’s next tours. It’s worth it, I promise! You can also buy his new acoustic album and all of his other songs on iTunes right now. Here are some picture of the concert,                                                                                                  FRED<3


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