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I WISH TOUR (Cher Lloyd, Fifth Harmony, Zara Larsson, Jackson Guthy)

Have you ever been to a concert where you didn’t know who the opening acts were? Wait, better yet; have you ever been to a concert where you didn’t know who the opening acts were and then fell in love with all of them because they were all REALLY talented? well… that happened to me with the I Wish tour…

I already knew and loved Cher Lloyd and I had watched Fifth Harmony on the X Factor so I knew this was going to be one really good concert but what I didn’t know was that it would be perfect from Zara to Cher without forgetting Jackson and the girls from 5H. It was pure pop candy with a bit of sass from Queen Lloyd! In other words; a perfect match!!

Zara Larsson and Jackson Guthy are upcoming artists that people barely knew about but they are both really good and you could see everyone falling in love with them really fast!

The girls from Fifth Harmony are fun, crazy, beautiful, nice and talented and it makes it really hard for you to look anywhere else than the stage. Their voices are amazing and you can really see that they LOVE their fans! (Pssshhh, dont tell Cher but lots of people showed up only for 5H and left after their set…)

Though, Cher’s performance was really good too!! She WOWed the crowd by going from pop candy to r&b while still mixing it up with her usual dose of rap, she’s amazing!!

Check out my instagram (@iamjustfred) for videos from the concert, Much Much Love. FRED<3

I wish

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