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Ariana Grande – Yours Truly (review)

I dont think I should even ask if you bought Ariana Grande’s new album because it’s obvious you did… if you still haven’t, go do that RIGHT NOW!! You wont regret it!!

Yours Truly truly is one of the best albums of the year; Ariana’s voice is perfect, her songs are catchy, the music is good and it sounds fresh and new! Most of the time, when I listen to an album for the first time, I like some of the songs and others… not as much. I was really surprised when I first listened to Yours Truly! I like every single song on the record, I swear, they are all in my September playlist!

Ariana also got some pretty amazing people to collaborate with her on this album. Her voice sounds awesome next to Big Sean, Mac Miller, Mika and even Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. Plus, have you heard Ms. Grande sing in spanish? It sounds amazing!!

My favourites: Better Left Unsaid, Almost Is Never Enough, Honeymoon Avenue




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