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Paradise Tour – Cody Simpson, Ryan Beatty, Before you Exit

When I decided to blog about Cody Simpson’s concert at the Metropolis in Montreal, I knew I would have to make myself feel as close to Cody as possible. The Simpson fans reading this already kinda know how I could do this but for those of you who don’t really know Cody, let me quickly tell you more about him: Cody’s a 16 years old singer from Gold Coast/Australia who got discovered by posting videos on youtube. To name a few, Cody loves the beach, surfing and chill symphonies and you can really feel those kinda vibes in his songs. His newest album Surfers Paradise just came out and we can definitely say it’s his most successful album yet. When listening to this album for the first time, I felt like you could really feel Cody in his songs, it sounds beachy, popish and laid-back, a perfect mix!!! Some of his newest hits even made me feel like I was listening to some Jack Johnson tracks. You can buy his album in stores around the world and on iTunes now!!

Now that that’s done, everyone will understand why I’m tipping this on a boat in the middle of a river which is the closest thing I could find to the ocean here in Montreal/Canada. I don’t want to brag but it’s sunny and hot outside, the water’s calm, the drinks are flowing, I’ve got only people I love around me and Surfers Paradise is playing, talk about beachy, popish and laid-back vibes!
On to the real deal, as I said earlier, on July 10th Cody performed at the Metropolis in Montreal and the concert was filmed for a special project we still don’t know a lot about. Could it be a movie? Could it be small clips of each songs he performed coming out whenever the crew wants it? Only time will tell! You can watch one of the professional clips from the concert here–> CODY SIMPSON – Pretty Brown Eyes [LIVE @ The Metropolis]
I got the chance to watch Cody’s soundcheck along with about 200 screaming fans of his, it was like a mini-show where Cody sang a few songs and answered questions from the fans. Personally, I don’t like standing in the middle of a crowd of pushing fans so I stood back and watched from afar. Then came the meet&greet, about 100 fans left and the lucky ones that got to stay stood in line to meet their idol!
The wait was long but believe me, it was worth it, the concert finally started! Before You Exit, a small band of 3 brothers from Florida, were first! They weren’t on for long but they were really good, they even made an amazing cover of When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. Before we knew it, it was Ryan Beatty’s turn to amaze us. I had already seen him perform live in Toronto and I knew he would put on an amazing performance. For a change, he isn’t all about dancing and interacting with the fans; with his eyes closed and his body rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the songs he sings, you can feel his passion for music. It’s magical! The fans were getting more and more excited… Alli and Florent, Cody’s sister and videographer, jumped on stage to let us know about a special surprise they had planed for Cody during Wish You Were Here. I guess you’ll have to wait for the video to come out to see what we had to do… It was beautiful!
Cody’s energy through out the entire concert was enough to entertain everyone, but to that you have to add, his amazing voice, his fantastic moves and his outstanding guitar and ukulele playing skills! What else could you ask for?!
Now that the Paradise Tour is over, Cody will be joining Justin Bieber’s Believe tour and he will perform for much bigger audiences all around the world. Don’t miss your chance to grab Cody meet&greets, taking place before his performances with JB, you don’t even have to have a ticket to Justin’s concert!! Got to

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