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One Direction -Bell Center

Montreal went crazy Friday at the Bell Center for the, oh so, anticipated One Direction concert; The screaming was so loud my ears are still ringing!! The way Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam act on stage makes the experience different for everyone, yet their catchy songs and their amazing voices make the 1D concert experience something you dont want to miss!!

My concert experience was somehow a bit different than normal ones… My friends and I ended up getting 2nd row tickets at the last minute before the concert! 5 Seconds Of Summer, a band from Australia, were opening for 1D. (2 words: hot and talented…) And then the 5 guys everyone was waiting for came up on stage inviting us to the party of the year. I would’ve never thought a party could get this big, it was crazy!! Also, to add up to the magic, all 15 000 girls in the arena sang along to Little Things during the concert, the guys stopped singing and they just sat down looking out into the crowd… You could see tears in their eyes, it was magical!!

I know for sure that it wont be my last One Direction concert,

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