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Bruno Mars – Bell Center

My ears were still ringing from the One Direction concert the night before but that wasn’t gonna stop me from going to see Bruno Mars! This time, I was experiencing the concert from further, I had another perspective and, surprinsingly, it was fun!!
Have you ever been to a concert where you thought: ”woah, that person sings better live than on their album”? If you haven’t, I recommend seeing Bruno Mars; he is wonderful… From singing to dancing and from interacting with the fans to playing the drums, he does everything PERFECTLY!!
The stage, the music, the lights and the ambiance made us feel like we were in the jungle, respecting the theme of the show perfectly, and that made the night special. One of the first things I fell in love with that night was Bruno’s stage; it looked AMAZING!! It wasn’t a huge structure yet it looked chic, technologic, modern… I wish I could’ve stood on it, woah!!

Ellie Goulding opened for Bruno and she was great!! Her voice sounded amazing and she looked beautiful, Im pretty much sure every single girl in the crowd wanted to be her. It’s a good thing she ended her performance with her hit singles because it made the entire arena stand up and dance, we were pumped!!

I hope you get to see Bruno Mars perform live once in your life and if you have; did you like it? What do yoi guys think about Bruno in general?

Much Much Love,


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