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Cody Simpson – Surfer’s Paradise

Listen up people,
you now have the chance to preorder Cody Simpson’s new album right from iTunes, yeewww!! But there’s more; when you preorder it, you will automatically receive his latest single Summertime Of Our Lives, what more could you ask for?

Three songs from the album have already been released and they sound amazing:
You probably already heard Pretty Brown Eyes! It’s a catchy pop song with a bit of a beach vibe, it’s the perfect summer anthem.
Awake all night is also supposed to be on the album, it is more like a laid back love song and, of course, it also has those beach vibes.
Now will you be surprised if I tell you that Summertime Of Our Lives, the 3rd song we get to listen to before the album comes out, also has a beachy vibe?
That one really is just the perfect beach/summer song. You can hear the Jack Johnson inspiration coming out of Cody’s new tracks and it’s doing him good!
Here is the track list iTunes released :
  1. “La Da Dee”
  2. “Pretty Brown Eyes”
  3. “No Ceiling”
  4. “Sinkin’ In”
  5. “Summertime of Our Lives”
  6. “Imma Be Cool” (feat. Asher Roth)
  7. “If You Left Him For Me”
  8. “Love (feat. Ziggy Marley)”



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