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New Selena Gomez album: Stars Dance

Last night, Selena Gomez made a youtube live chat for her fans where she answered tons of questions but mostly talked about her new album, Stars Dance!
The album will be out in stores and on iTunes on July 23rd but for now, you can preorder it on iTunes. If you do that you automatically get Slow Down, an amazing upbeat song that Selena wanted to share in advance with every true fans of hers!! It’s the way Selena was talking about her album that made me want to buy it even more, she seemed so passionate about it!

Here’s the tracklist for Miss. Gomez’s new album:
1. “Birthday”
2. “Stars Dance”
3. “Champion”
4. “Come & Get It”
5. “Forget Forever”
6. “Save the Day”
7. “BEAT”
8. “Write Your Name”
9. “Undercover”
10. “Love Will Remember”
11. “Slow Down”
12. “Get Away”

During the live chat, she also talked about going on tour with Emblem3 and Christina Grimmie this summer! She invited all of her fans to join the party and said she couldnt wait to perform for all of them. She even said that her favourite part of touring was meeting all of them…


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