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Earlier today, OK! Magazine announced the track list to Emblem3’s new and first album, Nothing To Lose! You can pre-order the album on iTunes on the 4th!!
Make sure you don’t miss Keaton, Wesley and Drew; buy their first singles Sunset Blvd, Curious and Chloe NOWon iTunes!

Here is the tracklist:
1.) Just For One Day
2.) Spaghetti
3.) XO
4.) Chloe (You’re The One I Want)
5.) Girl Next Door
6.) Nothing to Lose
7.) Love LA
8.) Sunset Blvd
9.) 3000 Miles
10.) Teenage Kings
11.) One Day
12.) Do It All Again*
13.) I Wish*
14) Jaiden (Live)*
15) Reason (Live)*
*Deluxe version only



  1. I’m kinda double commenting on both the Selena post and this but ahh, I’m really excited for both! I’m also seeing Selena in concert (and them too haha) in concert which I’m pumped about. Are you?
    She’s come into her own so much this album.

    • Yes, I am!!! I cant wait to see them live, it’s gonna be 1 really good concert with Emblem3 and Selena 🙂
      Btw, I totally agree, her new album seems to mean everything to her, I cant wait to be able to hear it all!!
      Much Much Love,

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